Sunday, October 13, 2013


All the above pictures are from public domain.  Right click on any you wish to keep and save to a picture file.    To print out  from the picture file click print and then go to the smallest size thumbprint and experiment on the size you want.    Or import into a paint  program.
To any of you that have tried lately to save a picture from pin interest.  Save the picture and it will want to save into HMTL documents.  After letting it save it will be a numbered title.  Right click on this and save to a JPG file(picture) and rename it.  For some reason no pictures will save into JPG right from Pinterest anymore..
Yesterday and today were perfect, Sunny and dry, the  Fall leaves at their peak.  My Daughter and Grandson joined me in a drive  to a Fall Festival and so did thousands of others with the same idea.  We had our share of bean soup and corn bread cooked on an open fire, and enjoyed the fall colors, smells and sounds of fall.  Coming home there were many barn sales, and  lots of items found their way into the back of the car for us  to use in decorating our homes.  It is always fun to locate something you have been thinking about  for a long time.  Such was everything my daughter picked up.  Horseshoes, a wood mannequin, deer antlers, chest of drawers, fireplace mantel, iron eagle.  They will all come together in a unique way for her decorating tastes.  She reminds me of the things I loved when I started out.  I will enjoy helping her paint and fix up her new surroundings.
My Grandson asked me just  what an antique was and I told him " Sort of like Grandma, old but still has some value."  He understood perfectly.


  1. Hi Karen, you have gathered some nice printies! Thank you for sharing. Big grin at the definition of antique :-) grandma sure has a sense of humour! !

  2. Some of these images are copied from ETSY listings, including one of my own. I did not give permission to use my labels for use without purchasing them first and they were for personal use after purchase and not to be shared with others. Your source for these images may have lied about where they stole them from.