Saturday, May 26, 2012

A once in a lifetime find

Click on each picture for close up details

I went to Amish Country and on the way back I long cutted to a favorite little town with a lot of unique  shops in it.

These beautiful dolls were in The Vault and the price was so low I could not believe it.  I make dolls, and for what they were asking for these I would not try to make them.  The Vault in Wooster, Ohio, is a consignment shop for artists.

All kinds of paintings, jewelry, pottery, glassware, hand knit items etc.  Everything is handmade.
I tried to get the name of the artist, since the dolls were unsigned, but all the owner would tell me is they were made by a man named Mark that  lives in Canton, Ohio, and he prefers to stay in the background.  He was a set designer, and clothing designer  for a traveling acting troupe. He is retired now and prefers the arrangement of making what he wants and letting someone else sell them.  He is so precise with his stitches, nothing is glued, all parts of the clothing are  made as the real ones, underwear and all.  They have tiny earrings, rings and necklaces. purses and suit cases, parasols.  The detail is unbelievable.  The mans jacket is lined, no raw edges anywhere.  I would have liked to get them all! 
He made a lot of Edwardian dolls and Kings and Queens, but that is not my era.  A toy maker with a table of toys, a lot of Mother and Daughter together.  There was one 1950's doll that almost looked like Lucy.
It is so refreshing to find something like this.  It is an unbelievable miniature find and I shall
truly treasure these.
The Vault in Wooster Ohio has an online presence on the web. 

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